Oct 29, 2015

{Day 29}: The Sea Or the Shore?

Today's word prompt: SEA

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As a child, I have always been fascinated by the sea.  Living in the asphalt jungle for most of the time, the excitement to be near the sea is understandable right?  I remember those visits to my grandparents' home many years ago in the northern part of the island.  They live in an old house that was just a few minutes to the beach.  And our trip to the province would never be complete without visiting that secluded part of the beach overlooking South China Sea.  We would avoid the more commercialized and crowded beaches.  I guess we loved having the beach to ourselves, despite the lack of amenities.  

I remember how my heart would just leap with joy at seeing the calm, deep blue sea as it loomed in the distance.  How I loved the breeze and the sound of waves crashing on the shore and the rocks.  I loved how the wet sand tickled my toes and I would sit there on the shore soaking in the sun, or take a dip in the shallow part of the sea.  I don't know how to swim that time so I'm afraid to venture further where my feet don't touch the sandy bottom.  

Often times, I'd look over the horizon and wonder what lies beyond. Of course I know there's land on the other side (China in fact).  But in my young, imaginative mind, I'd think of all the wonders that the expanse of the sea holds.  But there I was, just rooted on the shore where it's safe, not getting anywhere except the whole length of the beach.

Now in life, we cannot always stay on the safety of the shore.  Otherwise, we will never discover what life holds, the wonders, the experiences and adventures we could not have when we are just rooted on dry ground.  It can be daunting, very scary for we do not know what lies ahead. The expanse of the sea makes us vulnerable, like it could just swallow us up and no one will even notice.  

But if we put our faith in the One who will hold us no matter what, I think, we can all navigate the seas of life with confidence and assurance.  

In life, sometimes,  we need to step off the shore and swim in the unknown sea.  It is when we are out there, alone and small and insignificant, but walking in faith that we see and experience the faithfulness and power of God at work in our lives.

So, will you stay in your comfort zone and just simply look on, or will you begin to tread the unknown waters with faith and trust as your anchor and life vest?

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