Oct 30, 2015

{Day 30} What Can You Do In Five Minutes?

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I'm skipping the word prompt for this day as I write this a day ahead.  I will be on vacation starting Friday so, I'm doing this now.

It's been an exciting ride doing this challenge and it's almost done. Woohoo!

Five-minute free writes....not exactly as I don't write that fast.  It takes time for me to compose a written article.  So I guess, I only got the "free writes" part right and I followed most of the word prompts except on two occasions, this one being the second time.  Twice, I think I was able to actually finish in five minutes.  Anyway, I just like to be honest on that part.

But, what can we really do in five minutes?  Oh so many things, and these can make quite an impact:

  • Pray.  In just five minutes, we could have prayed for a lot of people already, or just simply talk with God and spend time with Him.  
  • Read.  How many chapters of the Bible can you finish in five minutes? Or perhaps some devotional materials?  Or maybe a blog post from an inspiring writer?
  • Talk with a friend.  Someone could use some cheering up and maybe five minutes is all it takes
  • Walk for five minutes or more, and you'll be doing your body a lot of good
  • Write. It doesn't have to be a lengthy post, but a short one that can touch other people or inspire others, that's five minutes well spent
  • Think things over before you decide. Maybe five minutes is not enough but it's a start to a final decision.
  • Rest.  Even for just five minutes, and then you're good to go again

It's easy to waste time because we think we have a limitless supply.  In eternity, yes, but in this temporal life, time is very precious.  What we do with our time determines a lot of the things that happen in our lives.  Whatever you do, make those five minutes count.  

As for me, I think I'll do a five minute stretch as I've been sitting here for quite sometime.  Time to stretch those stiff muscles.

How about you?  What can you do in five minutes?

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