Sep 22, 2012

"I Believe" by Blessid Union of Souls

I was going over my playlist and I was just listening to this favorite song from Blessid Union of Souls. It's one of their most popular songs, and admittedly the only one I know from the group hahaha!  I better explore their other songs.  This song, "I Believe (Love Will Find a Way)" has caught my attention right from the intro of the song.  It's a very beautiful piano rendition which, on the guitar has only four chords that you keep playing on a loop all throughout the song.  Very simple chords and sometimes I would just close my eyes while I play the guitar and sing along.  I love that the song has meaningful lyrics too and not just a pretty melody. Reading from this article, I found out that this song is very much personal for the singer Eliot Sloan about that part where he sings about Lisa.  But the song speaks of more than just a failed romance, as you would see from the lyrics.  And how he came up with the beautiful melody is much like something given to him by divine inspiration.  Here's the song and the lyrics below the video.


  1. Sis, I love the lyrics. It really speaks to you... from the heart. ;-)

    1. Thanks sis! It's not your ordinary love's something with social relevance, so to speak.