Oct 22, 2012

One Word Meme


It's a lazy Saturday afternoon for me.  My eyes are too tired to read a book or surf and read.  I think I need something else to occupy my time while I'm waiting for our food.  Thankfully, I chanced upon Sarah's latest post before I hit the browser's exit button.  Haha!  I have something more worthwhile to do.  Well at least in a few minutes, my mind would be occupied. I'm already tempted to blow bubbles like this cute little girl on the right...although, that is not really such a bad idea hahaha!  I guess hunger is making me delusional.

P.S....The food came while I was in the middle of this so it's now a delayed post and I wasn't able to hit the publish button because I was in a hurry to leave after we ate.

So anyway, here goes...

The One Word Meme:

  1. Where is your cellphone? Table
  2. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend.  Huh?
  3. Your hair?  Shiny
  4. Your mother?  Feisty
  5. Your father?  Mild-mannered
  6. Your favorite item? Bag
  7. Your dream last night? Forgotten
  8. Your favorite drink? Coffee
  9. Your dream car? SUV
  10. The room you are in? Office
  11. Your ex? Alive?
  12. Your fear? Sickness
  13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Healthy
  14. Who did you hang out with last night? Myself
  15. What you're not? Liar
  16. The last thing you did? Walk
  17. What are you wearing? Uniform
  18. Your favorite book? Classics
  19. The last thing you ate? Biscuit
  20. Your life? Fine
  21. Your mood? Sleepy
  22. Your friends? Great
  23. What are you thinking right now? Answers
  24. Your car? Imaginary
  25. What are you doing at the moment? Typing
  26. Your summer? Uneventful
  27. What is on your TV? None
  28. When was the last time you laughed? Now
  29. Last time you cried? Weeks
  30. School? Exciting
You know, it's actually hard to answer in just one word, but I was able to comply hahaha!  If you dig this, then have your own post.  I'm not tagging anyone.  This is sort of self-service so go tag yourself lol!


  1. Don't you think it is such a kind gesture to simply answer "alive " when asked about our ex ? Lol !

  2. I have the most difficult time talking about myself in my blog...Hmm, maybe I will start with this before I talk about one hundred facts about me (chos, wala akong maisip...haha)

    1. BUT DOES IT REALLY NEED TO BE ONE WORD???(sumisigaw pa e hehe)

    2. Hahaha I knew you would react! Ang hirap ng one word lang. I think men would fare better in this meme lol!