Jan 25, 2013

DIY Or Digital Notebooks?

It's no secret that I love notebooks.  I'm talking about the conventional ones that are made of real paper bound together with a cover of choice and where you actually write on using pens (I also love pens by the way).  So it follows that I also love planners, specially the colorful ones with all those niceties.  I am practically drooling over this 2013 daily planner that Jen of Iheart Organizing made.  And to make it even  better, there's also this blog planner that's to die for.  My fingers are already itching to print these out as I type this post.  But I got to hold my horses and remind myself that I already have Sam and I have downloaded notebook apps there already.  In fact, I have three (extra) note keeping apps.

                Colornote                           Evernote                             Catchnote              

This fourth one is my favorite:


The convenience of carrying just a small gadget that holds your precious books and notebooks and what-have-you's sure beats lugging around a bagful of several items.  So, I am probably acclimating already to the digital age.  And yet, there will always be this irresistible pull sometimes at being able to do more with your hands and fingers than just merely pounding keyboards or tapping screens.  And also, you couldn't help but just love the colorful notebooks that Jen makes.  I just love her ideas and the colors.  I guess you could say, I am being torn mercilessly between being conventional and being techie. I wonder what they call this kind of breakdown hahaha!

Oh well, I'll just try to have the best of both worlds.


  1. I love stationeries, nice notebooks, planners and different color of pens too. Nothing beats writing and doodling on a page while thinking of what to write. You really should pursue your writing Aileen. Have you tried contributing to magazines or newspapers? Or write a book even. You're talented you know. :-)

    1. Awww that's very sweet of you Michelle. Thanks! I have not yet tried sending articles to mags or newspapers. Someone might give me a break though (hehehe hope she's reading this and have not forgotten about me lol!). Anyway, I'm just taking it easy, enjoying writing about what interests me. Thanks for dropping by!