Apr 5, 2013

A Glimpse of Hope for Today's Youth in a Graduation Photo

It was not long ago when we heard or read about the shocking news of a student who committed suicide out of frustration in her school's enrollment policies.  That incident sparked the ire of many people, putting the blame on the school administrators all the way to the government higher ups.  Whatever the mitigating circumstances were, it is a tragedy that we hope would not be repeated.

On a more positive note, it is very inspiring to read about a recent graduate who posted a picture on his Facebook account.  What caught the attention of many, including myself is that he had the photo taken beside the grave of his parents.

There's an interesting story behind the photo which you can read here: How a graduation photo inspired thousands 

It reminded me of when I was graduating from college also, many years ago.  That was just barely two-months since my father passed away and I didn't want to attend my own graduation because of grief.  Looking back now, I kind of feel too much of a drama queen having even thought of that.  It's kind of childish, really.

Reading Kevin Villanueva's story, I thought of those other youths who have been through even more worse situations but who chose to fight and strive for a better life no matter how difficult the obstacles they had to hurdle.  His story and other stories of triumph are like a soothing balm to me.  For the longest time, I have been worried about today's youth being so used to instant gratification that makes them more impatient and easily frustrated.  I also worry about our youths being too engrossed with the shallow things that they lack a sense of higher purpose.

Today, I saw a glimpse of hope that we have youths who are fighters and who will one day maneuver the course of our nation.  I hope these young fighters will not only fight their own personal causes, but will extend that fire inside to fight battles of a bigger scope and of more noble causes.

As for Kevin, I think he has learned valuable lessons not only in school but also from the best teacher, and that is Life.


  1. I've seen this picture on yahoo news sis, just today. He has a touching story.

  2. Read this one too on yahoo news. Great and inspiring story. Yours as well, sis. :-)

  3. I have seen this photo as well in facebook. My eldest daughter will also graduate this Friday with a degree in BS Mathematics. It is such an accomplishment for a parent to see their kids finish their studies but then I also salute these kids who became persistent and focused in starting what they have started.

    Your dad may have not been there when you graduated but he really did a great job in raising you well. Besides we both agree that LIFE still is the best teacher.

  4. Life is full of challenges, but we all should be positive and hopeful. Thanks for sharing. =)