Jul 24, 2013

God's Perfect Timing

Talk about impeccable timing.  I went home to the province last Saturday and all throughout the bus ride, it was a good weather.  Just barely a few minutes after I got home and settled down my baggage, the rain poured out.  Whoa! It's like a hair's breadth from being all soaked up!  I was silently thanking God for holding it up a bit...then I thought no more of it...but that's not yet the end of it.

On Sunday night, I traveled back to Manila and got home at around 11pm.  Just as I was relaxing, curled up and reading an ebook from my tablet, I heard the familiar pitter patter on the roof.  And again, it was just a few minutes after I got home.

What are the chances that the same thing could happen two days in a row?  Coincidence?  I think it is more than that.

If you know me, I love the rain, but it's mostly when I am indoors, safe and warm and not all soggy and wet.  I don't like getting all wet in rain water when it's not part of the plan. I hate it even more when  had to wade in flood waters knowing there are a thousand things in those murky waters that I probably would not even want to see.  Yeah, I am that squeamish because I happen to have microscopic vision (or a hyperactive imagination).

I remember one of those days when I got all soaked up in the rain, just when I was wearing my good shoes and my crisp denims.  I would actually look up at the sky and would say "Why?"  Of course, the only answer I get would be more rain splattering the sidewalk and further soaking up my jeans that was already a shade darker from the knees down because they're all wet.  Sometimes, my thoughts would even chime in "Why not?"

It's one of those moments that I am deeply humbled.  Who am I that God would hold up the rain for me and wait until I am safely home?  The rain falls down regardless of who's going to get wet right?  It's the same with the scorching sun.  And it's in that instance when I looked like a wet rag doll that I have learned to appreciate whatever weather it is, instead of cursing it.  The rain is falling because it's in nature to do so and it is a necessity, whether I realize it or not.  It's good enough that I can experience them, whether it's the sweltering heat or the bone-chilling coldness of the rain, if for the knowledge that I am still alive to feel them!

With what I experienced during the weekend, I am just simply thankful and I know that God is watching over me, all the time.  He knows when I need to get soaked up and when I need to be warm and dry (figuratively speaking).  How much more when it comes to the trials in life that I have to face?

It's a blessing to be reminded of His presence in things that seem trivial as this.  

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