Aug 24, 2013

The Unexpected Package from DFA

Look what the cat drag in (figuratively because it was a delivery man who really brought this).  I wasn't expecting this until next week so I am really surprised, and quite pleased.  Yay!  Can you guess what's that inside?  The title was a dead giveaway bleck!

The Package

Content (My newly issued passport)

Last week, I went to DFA for passport renewal.  A week before that, I had set up an appointment online and the earliest date I got was August 13.  It was quite easy doing the online transaction.  Just make sure you have the necessary information and most of that can be found in the last issued passport in your possession. On setting up an appointment, you have the freedom to choose which DFA branch you'd like to go to.  A colleague advised me that if I want things done the speediest way possible, then I should go to the main office which is at Aseana (same vicinity as MOA).  So that's what I ticked off in the online transaction and off I went there on my appointed date.  

It was advised on the DFA site that you have to be there 30 minutes before your appointed time.  I got there at 8:00 am, a full hour before my schedule.  As I was just about to sit at the designated waiting area, we were already led to the another waiting area where we wait our turn to come inside the office.  It felt like we were sheep being herded to where we should go.  

Once you fall in line, you don't need to ask what's to be done next.  You simply follow the line and instructions coming from the marshals and wow there are so many of them that you can't possibly try to overtake others on the line.  Not that I plan to.  It's the one thing that irks me, the lack of discipline of some people, always trying to get ahead in the line.  That's what tries my patience the most when falling in line.  I saw none of that there and even though the line was so loooooooooong, there's probably about a hundred people before me, the whole transaction was finished in 1 hour and 45 minutes.  

And I can say, it was a breeze, really.  I am quite impressed at how they handle transactions at DFA now. And may I also add that the DFA personnel are so accommodating and friendly, but not to the extent that they'll let you sweet talk yourself into going ahead in the line or even letting you stall in the area when you're done with the transactions.  They were strict about that and that's what I love the most.  

As I was waiting for my number to be called so I can have my picture taken at the 2nd floor, I have this impression that they really took the time to establish a system, taking into consideration the speeding up of all transactions and also thinking about the comfort of people like me who had to wait in line.  At the 2nd floor, they have a big screen and comfortable chairs and at that time I think they were showing Avengers hehehe.  You can while away time by watching and I almost lost track and saw that only a few more and it will be my turn.  

It was a pleasant experience and I thought it's what we need for the whole country.  Kaya naman pala.  If there are well-thought out systems and we have enough people to safeguard the strict implementation, our country has hope of rising up from where we are right now.  Let's admit it, we are a country of people where in terms of discipline, we have a lot of room for improvement.  And most times, the greatest motivator is in knowing that if we disobey the laws, we'll surely be apprehended (and not be allowed to buy our way out).

Going back to my passport,  I opted for the express transaction that costs PhP 1,200 and the passport will be released within 7 working days.  I had it delivered via 2Go (adding PhP 120 for delivery fee) and I was again happy with the service.  I was expecting that the earliest I'll get it  is by Tuesday next week, as I was thinking of the recent floods.  Well, I got it today, on a Saturday!

If this is how it is done in other agencies and services, I'd probably be on my knees, giving thanks to God for that miracle.  I have yet to see that day...but if it can be done in DFA, then it can be done in other areas as well.  

So, how do I look here?  Sorry I had to "smudge" some information for security reasons.  Don't worry, I only smudged the digital picture (via Paintbrush).  No harm done on the original.  

My passport up close

Acceptable I hope, because they would only allow the Mona Lisa smile and I kind of feel weird smiling without any teeth showing.  Still, I guess it's better than my poker face.  Lol!


  1. Hehe...I guess because it was processed lol! Thanks for stopping by.