Dec 3, 2013

On Getting Creative

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I must say, it's a productive day at work today.  My mind is churning, and it's not because I'm trying to write an article...well, at least not until now.  I've been busier than usual.  And I'm glad I can use my writing skills (whatever that may be) not just for blogging, but for something that's relevant to my work.  

Recent activities at work have also perked up my interest in DIY thingies, crafts and such.  I'm even contemplating on buying a calligraphy pen set, just the basic one for a beginner.  I haven't gotten around to doing that but maybe I'd get a set soon enough.  I've also been rummaging through my stuff, looking for unused sketch pads and yes, my charcoal pens.  I have this urge to do something with my hands and fingers that does not involve a computer keyboard or a tablet screen.  

Just barely a couple of weeks ago, I actually found myself at the arts and crafts section of National Bookstore.  Such a surprise I'm not in the books section at all!  And there I was, browsing through those oil pastels, paint brushes, paints, easel, self-healing cutting mat (I didn't know what it was called until I read the label hehe), sketch pads, watercolor pens.  And I was just thinking...someday, I'll get some of these.

So, in future posts, I may feature some of my little projects.  Or, I may just be dreaming it.  But who knows?  
But first things first, I've got to clear the clutter in my place so there'll be room for crafting stuff...and there goes the big problem of clearing out.  Sigh...I'll get to that, somehow....and soon, I hope.  

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