Sep 29, 2015

31 Days Writing Challenge 2015

I took a deep breath and then I plunged in.  No, I'm not going for a swim but I might as well have as I have decided to join the yearly 31 days of daily writing every October.  Not much preparation, honestly, but I hope to accomplish this challenge, for the second time.  This is a good way to jump start my writing after a very long lull.  And I love that we could team up with Kate's Five Minute Fridays, only, it's going to be five minutes everyday, technically speaking.  It's actually a two-in-one writing challenge: Five Minute Free Writes and 31 Days Challenge.

Kate's given a preview of the word prompts and they are very relevant words for my stage in life right now.  The words are all popping out with meaning to me and so I am taking the challenge.  If you're interested in joining, head on over to the links above or check out the word prompts below:

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This will be fun and quite challenging!  

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