Oct 6, 2015

{Day 6}: With Me, All Things Are Possible

Today's word prompt: POSSIBLE

There is this part of me that no one could ever go to, not even if anyone tries.  I have built a wall around it, made it strong so that no one could ever break through that.  Nobody knows that part of me except God and I had intended it to stay that way...sealed, with no possibility of anyone ever walking in.

And yet, just as I thought I'm safe in my sanctuary, living out my life on my own terms, He speaks to me.

Stubborn child.

Did you think you could keep hiding? 

You're hurting.  I know your pain.

Do you think I could not pry you open petal by petal?  

Lord, let me be. Have I not been trying to walk in obedience now? Isn't that enough? Must I really open up to others?  This is my struggle and burden. I have coped with it for the longest time.  I'm okay, Lord.  I can handle this.  I'm fine.  I try to reason out. Anything but this, Lord.  Just not this one.  

But He pressed on, knocking at the door of my heart.

Come, my child, open up the door.

You need to do this if you decide to obey Me.

I replied feebly, "I'm scared, Lord."  No one will understand except You.

Do not be afraid.  I love you, and that is why I'm doing this.
 I have to break down your walls.
I have come to set you free.  
You are no longer a prisoner defeated by the past.

I have come to give you a new life, a life in Me.

But what you ask of me is so difficult, Lord.  I can't do this.  See, I am strong and I have been on my own tending to my wounds.  I'll be alright, Lord, really.  Just don't ask of me, this one thing.

Yes, you can, my child.  I will enable you.  
With me, all things are possible.  
I can make you walk on the water with Me if you will just step out.
Your life will be a testimony of My power and grace.

I suppose, I do not have any other choice, Lord.

Tears streaming down my cheeks, I stopped struggling for a while.  Is it possible that someone would understand?

I let His words soak in me.  When has He ever let me down?  I realize, never.  He has always been faithful when I was so unfaithful.  If He could die for my sins even before I was born, then nothing is ever impossible with Him. 

At last, I took hold of the Hand that was stretched out before me.  I am taking that step of faith.

I will follow You, Lord.  No turning back.

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