Jan 29, 2013

The PianoGuys Making Beautiful Music

Last Sunday, I was already late for the church service.  I was actually contemplating on just attending the next service but I found myself catching up instead.  I'm glad I did because I would have missed watching this video.  It was my first time to see these very talented men who definitely love what they do and they do it with such passion that even just a casual observer would stop and look...and listen.  How it ended up being a part of the preaching, well, have you got two hours so I could tell you?  If you don't, then just read on.  You'll probably get the gist of the preaching that involved pianos and a teeny bopper boy band.

As a musician, I am simply enthralled...so much that last night, when I had the chance to surf You Tube, I watched this video like more than 5 times and this morning, I just had to share it to my co-workers.  They too were amazed.

It's one thing to be listening to beautiful music.  But if you've ever played any musical instrument, you'd know that it's a different high when you are the one making the beautiful music.  I know that feeling of getting lost in the melody and I would just simply close my eyes and just pluck and strum my guitar.  Seeing the PianoGuys reminded me that I am gifted in this aspect and it is something that I need to sharpen and get better at.  For what purpose, I still don't see the whole picture, but I know that I am meant to do something with this gift.  

And so, last night also, I picked my guitar and learned this song that I have only heard in passing.  I am way past the teeny bopper stage so listening avidly to One Direction songs isn't exactly my kind of thing now.  In fact, I learned to love this song because of the Piano Guys hahaha!  See this video so you'll now what I'm talking about.  Who says there's just one way of playing the piano?

To make something like that, is it just talent?  Sure...but more than that, you got to really love what you do to come up with such crazy but fantastic ideas.  You can learn to play the piano or the guitar or any other instrument and simply bang away the keyboard or pull those strings.  But to produce something that affects people more than just exciting their sense of hearing and sight, to do something that touches the heart...now that is really SOMETHING.  

Seeing the Piano Guys and reading the amusing story behind this amazing video has stirred something deep inside me.  It got me thinking that it is never too late to dream and to make that into reality.  Never mind that you may have lost some time doing what you thought was important, like focusing on your supposed career path.  Life allows detours, sometimes but somehow, it leads you back to your first love, and who you really are.

Regardless of age, we should always step back a while and ask ourselves.  What is that thing in your life that makes you tick?  What is that thing that puts sparkle in your eyes and gives fire in your heart?  That is the one thing that you are meant to do and that can make the greatest impact.  If you are already doing it, congratulate yourself.  You are in the right track.  Continue to use your gift and never lose sight of your purpose.  To those who are still in the process of discovery, enjoy the journey. 


  1. What a wonderful post... I enjoyed it and picked up your enthusiasm for music too. I didn't know there was a bc blogger meme? Interesting...

    1. Hi Eliz! Yes, we used to have memes some months ago but for some reasons, it stopped. Hope the admins of BC blogger would resume that. It's fun, really.

  2. Hi Aileen! didn't know you're a musician too? do you also play in church or sing or whatsoever? currently i am our church's pianist so I kinda or should i say can relate myself big time with all these that you were saying. lol.

    about the bc meme. yap. mukhang lahat ng meme nagstop na. but there's one na ongoing and active pa din up to this time. yung color connection. www.e-kids-connection.com. it is not only for moms. the drill there is, anything you want to share with stuff of any colors.

    been so away from this blog buti na lang nakablog hop ulit. btw, if you have time pls update my fundesigns site on your linkies down here. medyo nagfreeze tlaga ang mga links ko but they're ok now. thanks! and how are you?!

    1. Hi Rona! Good to see you're back blogging. Oo medyo nag freeze up nga yung blog feeds mo but I updated na and I added your other blog. Anyway, am fine. Kumusta life sa NE? Going home over the weekend...bday ni mom :-)

      I only play the guitar, a little of the keyboard and I sing when there's no one listening lol! I want to join music ministry at church but I don't have the luxury of time to attend practices... aheheheh..practice agad...audition muna pala lol!