Feb 11, 2014

{Five Minute Friday}: Write

I saw the word prompt last Friday and I had to smile.  Still, it took me several days to get myself to do it.  I guess I kind of lost my momentum when I took a very long break.

I thought I'd give it a try.  I have to start somewhere and what better timing could there be?



It's what I've been wanting or trying to do since I came back from my long vacation.  I haven't updated my blogs for quite a while.  It's not that I don't have any ideas coming into my head.  In fact, I've got lots of ideas floating about.  It's the thought of putting down those thoughts into something coherent and readable that's posing quite a bit of a challenge for me.  

Getting back to writing, somehow.  

Truth is, I haven't really stopped writing.  But I've been pouring out my heart in my private journal instead.  Writing about my journey right now gives me a better perspective and an outlet to express myself without having to edit things out or worry about what the reader might think.  For now, it's just between God and me.  It's liberating to express myself, knowing that whatever I write down, God understands.  

Someday, I might be able to write about what I'm going through these days, or share it with some people.  What a story that would make.  But until such time, I'm writing love letters to God.  


There...that wasn't so bad after all.  It's good to be back to writing!

Would you like to join in and meet those awesome ladies right over at Lisa-Jo's place?  It's just a click away.

Five Minute Friday


  1. Hi Aileen! its been a while since I have been here too. And right timing naman, I am also writing a lot in my journal these past days like you. Sometimes, writing in private seems a lot easier and natural for me, and may I add , therapeutic. Anyways, welcome back to blogging!

  2. Hi Sanna! Thanks for dropping by. I agree, journaling is very therapeutic. It's good to read back entries after a long while also. It makes you remember and re-live good times, or see how far you've come if you're wrote about a difficult time.