Mar 15, 2014

{Five Minute Friday}: Crowd

I'm joining Lisa-Jo's crowd over at 

Five Minute Friday

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Yesterday's word prompt: CROWD


I've never been fond of crowds, specially the kind where you have to wrestle your way to get from point A to point B, all the while being squished and jostled in the process.  I love open spaces where I can spread my arms wide and not worry about being knocked down.

You could say I like my solitude.  It is when I am alone that I get to think of more profound things, reflect on life, talk with God...

Tomorrow, however, I'll be joining in a crowd of runners.  It's the only crowd I let myself into, willingly.  I don't exactly know why.  Maybe it's simply for the love of running.  And though there's definitely going to be a lot of people with several encroaching on my personal space, I actually don't mind.  

There's something about running that even in the midst of a crowd, I can enjoy my solitude.  I'm not racing against my fellow runners but rather against myself.  

I love that running is much like life itself.  We are all enthusiastic at the starting line and in fact, that's where most people are, eager to have a head start as the gun goes off.  But as we progress, the crowd slowly thins out.  We all run a race in life and we push for the finish line, aiming to finish strong.  But some of us fall along the way, we get injured or sidetracked, we tire out, we get overwhelmed.  Sometimes, the crowd does that, but sometimes, it's also because we lose sight of our purpose and we rely on our own strength.

How about you?  Do you run the race of life just to go with the crowd?  Or do you do it with His purposes in mind?  


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