Jun 14, 2012

Switch Success: From Intensedebate to Disqus

I took a longer weekend break.  Four days to be exact.  I needed that after those stressful auditing days.  Been busy prepping up for that and it's good it turned out well.  Whew!

And four days, I guess is enough break from online activities.  Actually, it's also enough time for Disqus to get all comments from Intensedebate.  This article from BloggerJet saved my health blog from losing all comments posted while I was still using Intensedebate.  The author of that article wasn't kidding.  Intensedebate did put up a little fight as it took longer to import comments while my old Blogger comments were done almost instantly.  To be fair, maybe it's because of the bulk of comments also.  

This is again another blogging blooper and one point lesson for me.  I wonder why I always like to take it the hard way.  There's nothing wrong with tweaking blog formats from time to time.  One could learn a lot from that.  But for someone who doesn't know a lot about codes, I am probably threading on dangerous waters.  When I first made the switch to Intensedebate, installation was easy and it worked just fine.  I have also seen other sites do that and some were raving over it, so I let myself be swept over lol!  It was only later that I realized those script errors that came popping up were indeed from this new installation.  So I contacted support.  It's been more than a week now and my guess is I still don't have an email from them.  Maybe I'll go check, just to satisfy my curiosity, but I'm done with it.  Posting the same complaint three times and not getting even a little acknowledgement is a no-no.  For me, it should not take more than 48 hours for customer support to reply.  That was the deciding factor for me.  I would have tolerated the glitch if they were prompt in helping me out with it.  

So now I am using the Disqus comment plug-in at iHeartGoodHealth.  So far, so good!  The good thing is, they do send replies almost instantly.  That is what I call support!  Disqus may not look so fancy or flashy like Intensedebate, but I'd rather sacrifice the overall look rather than driving away visitors and their precious comments just because the site wouldn't load properly. 

I'll toast to that with a hot cup of coffee.  Phew!

Cheers! by aaron.bihari
Cheers!, a photo by aaron.bihari on Flickr.


  1. An update: Apparently, Disqus is experiencing a problem of its own the last few days...sigh....I guess, it all boils down to sticking with the native comment platform, sacrificing the aethetics. Who knows, Blogger may yet improve how the comment box looks like in the future.

  2. Hello Ms. A,

    I'm curious how you're able to place a back link to the iHeartGoodHealth site from your comments on Warayblogger while my other friends don't know how to use it (ID). I'm too tired to try Discus so I'm staying with ID at the moment. Matagal ba magload? Or do you have to refresh my posts before that little box (for the website link) appears? Will be happy if you can give me some feedback. Thanks!

    1. Hello Ms. RB!

      If ID is working for you, don't change it anymore. I kind of miss that back link feature which Disqus doesn't have as of the moment. The back link shows when you put the URL of a website on the box provided, which I did. And you have the option to choose which post link you'd like to appear. Di naman matagal mag-load on my end sis. If I didn't have problems with ID previously, I would have retained it.

    2. You're just the only one - among my very few blogger visitors - who knows how to use ID's feature. Thanks sis for the feedback.