Jun 15, 2012

A Bookworm's Journey

Sleeping over my books by judacoregio
Sleeping over my books, a photo by judacoregio on Flickr.

I used to be a voracious reader, if you will consider devouring all those volumes of Nancy Drew Mysteries as such.  That was when I was in the fourth grade.  I loved reading fiction, mostly. Although, on some crazy days, like when I was in third grade, the first book I borrowed from the library was an abridged version of Alexander the Great's biography.  I still don't know why I chose that book but I remember vividly how giddy and excited I was when the librarian handed it over to me and I could actually take it home...to read of course.  I read it, pouring over the words, but I have to admit, I was probably more of a show off rather than actually enjoying that book.  And so after that, I think I took to reading short story books instead, something like the Bedtime Stories in various volumes.  Then as I have mentioned, I discovered the world of Nancy Drew and so began the fascination for mysteries and detective thingies, and the word "sleuth" that kept popping up from every volume of the series. 
When at last I have exhausted all of the sleuthing series, I turned to the classics as part of reading assignments.  A whole line of English novels, but "Pride and Prejudice" still is my all time favorite.  Then there were some of the works of Hermann Hesse, Richard Bach, Og Mandino , the Bronte sisters, Harper Lee, etc, etc.  I have to admit though, I was never that much acquainted with Shakespeare's works.  I like Edgar Allan Poe's short stories, although they usually have a dark theme.

College days, I don't remember reading much fiction.  I guess it's textbooks all throughout that time...mostly about Chemistry.  Hey those are still books anyway.  

By the time I was working, my passion for fiction has fizzled out a bit, particularly when it comes to romance stories.  I still humor myself at times and read that genre, but only when I have nothing else to read hahaha!  What I love to read these days are mostly inspirational books...not the self-help types but those that delve on faith and life lessons.  Those are the kind of books that I would love to read over again after a long time.  There's always something of a revelation in them that gives a whole new perspective in life.  I guess that's why it takes longer to read those, not like the fast-paced thrillers that are definitely page turners.  

I guess I have evolved as a reader and I wonder what books I will be reading in the future.  All I know is, I love reading and collecting books whenever I can.  I guess I'll always be a bookworm at heart.


  1. Hi, my dearest fellow bookworm! Hehehe... ;-) It's wonderful to have a lot of things to read. I also go for inspirational stuff. It's the best, right? But I also love other genres. Miss yah, sis! ;-)

  2. Hi Cates! Shared your book on my FB. :-) Reading the copy you sent me. Thanks!

  3. I can almost imagine that little girl borrowing books from the school library. Cute! Glad to hear you had access to books as a young girl. The elementary school in my hometown never had a functional library the whole time I was enrolled there. What was I reading at the time? Aside from the fairy tales series that my classmate brought to school, I was reading Samahang Nayon and Kabataang Barangay materials from my father’s desk. Hehe. The good thing about being a voracious reader is that one can always create/write something when there’s nothing else to do or when he/she is bored. Like what we’re doing. Haha. Uy, salamat sa pagpatol sa pick-up lines post ko. I had to place it as an older post because I was hiding it from fellow bloggers. Miss you, sis!

  4. @RB - naaliw nga ko kasi may na pick up ako kahit paano hahaha! Am trying to study some dialects, kahit bit by bit. Kakalito na minsan hahaha! I have actually survived with very little TV watching over the past year....basta may books to read, I can while away time. :-)

  5. Hi, Aileen!!!I am soo like you. I love books too. (you should own a kindle, I swear hehe). Since you like inspirational, what do you think of Purpose-Driven Life? I have this friend (he is actually a friend of my dad who became my friend na rin)who has everything. He placed 6th on the CPA Board Exam,but all he wanted to do was bake. His family had a little grocery post WWII here in Baguio and the family now owns one of the biggest groceries. They also have a hotel, and this man I am talking about owns franchise of every McDo here in Baguio and Benguet. So, anyway, this man remained humble and walang ere (how can he be my friend if I am so poor, di ba?)and he never neglected his spiritual side. I texted him a month ago, because I was so depressed. I needed advice and I heard him give a talk in my daughter's school and he kept mentioning the Purpose Driven Book (he speaks eloquently din. In fact, he was once our country's delegate to the Toastmaster's Intl and he won). He gave me the book (plus a few Mcd free cards yehey). Anyway, like a normal Mama Marie moment, I tried to read it for a day, and then forgot all about it (hehe).

    So, have you read this and your thoughts? (Gulo ko! Have no blog kasi huhu)

  6. Sis, I have read most chapters in that book...andun na ko sa part ng sa church na. But I am not yet that active sa church kaya siguro I put it on hold for a while.

    I actually love that book...I find myself nodding and highlighting a lot. Rick Warren, the author explains things very profoundly but in very simple words...Reading through, you will have those "aha!" moments

    Sis, try reading the book...eye-opener sya whatever your religion. Rick Warren is a Christian pastor by the way.

  7. Yup, I would, this weekend. Sir Mike (the person I told you in that long comment above)told in a talk he wouldn't even touch it before because it is a book written by a non-Catholic (and he was speaking in front of nuns in a Catholic school hehe), but he claimed it was a book that made him love his faith more...