Jul 11, 2012

Chilling Out With Cool Jazz

Headphones by Kashirin Nickolai
Headphones, a photo by Kashirin Nickolai on Flickr.
It must have been ages ago since I visited my music files as I got into the mood of arranging the playlists on my mp3 player.   And so I came across the jazz folder that I rarely listen to.  I was never really much into jazz until my good friend rubbed it on me some years ago.  Before that, I was just into those pop music.  Well, at least now, I get to appreciate more types of music. 

Going back to the jazz folder, there is this song that I really, really love but I must have forgotten all about it.  I played it yesterday and I was reminded that it was a damaged file as there is that portion somewhere that seemed to fast forward a bit.  Such a pity.  So what does one do about that? 

There are things in life that one will consider precious, like gems.  Much like when we find a truly good friend right?  Or probably the One, the missing half that makes the whole.  And this song, I consider as such more so because it is the only song in that whole album that I came to love.  Knowing me when it comes to music, you simply don't let go of great songs...so I managed to get a good copy of the song.  Alright!

What I do love about this song is the cool, relaxed melody.  That always gets to me before I even hear the lyrics.  The wordings, well, it does have a romantic streak in it, the good old love song of some 15 years ago.  So what was I doing that time?  I'll give in to a little nostalgia here while I (and maybe you also, if you will oblige) listen again to this song.  It's Mark Portmann's "Come As You Are" performed by Bill Champlin from the album No Truer Words.

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