Jul 5, 2012

Two Books On a Long Weekend

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the mall to buy some important stuff I'll be bringing home over the weekend.  I wasn't able to buy everything as planned, as I couldn't find the exact items I needed or was probably half-hearted to proceed with the purchase despite the fact that I have my credit card with me.  

Well, as can be expected of a bookworm with a credit card, walking inside a bookstore...it's like a ticking time bomb.  At least I am still relatively disciplined as I ended up purchasing only two books instead of totally splurging.  The impulsive buyer was unleashed, sort of.  But I am not that guilty about this unplanned purchase.  To me, books are good investments.  

I've mentioned in one of my previous articles that I now mostly read inspirational books.  But yesterday, I don't know what came over me, I was actually browsing again the novels section.  I probably had four top choices, am not so sure.  I get over-excited with books sorry!  Anyway, I had to choose only two because it would be hard to carry more than that together with my other stuff.  If there's one thing I am trying to learn is to travel light but I'm still struggling on that.

Going back to the books, I can't wait to start reading them.  I hope I won't be disappointed with my choices which are "Love In the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and "The Hobbit"  by JRR Tolkien.  I know, I know, I should have read those two a long time ago if I were to be called a bookworm.  But like I said, I have momentarily stopped my love affair with novels.  Trying to rekindle that now.  Books are a good way to while away time on long trips, specially if the movies shown inside the bus are pathetically nonsensical. 

I wonder which one I'll start reading first...hmmm.  What do you think?


  1. I love The Lord of the Rings but have only seen the movies and not read the book. I wish I had the luxury of time to read a long novel like the hobbit. It surely is epic like LOTR.

  2. I also love the LOTR trilogy which is why I'd like to read the book as well. I am now halfway through "The Hobbit" and enjoying it...my preciousss Gollum is there hehehe...