Sep 7, 2012

Still Tweaking

If there are visitors who kept seeing this blog changing its appearance, it's because it is.   I'm still tweaking things.  The dynamic views didn't last 12 hours with me because I'm still having issues with it.  The gadget dock doesn't display things properly and I can't add more widgets.  And the footer is still a personal issue with me lol!  So with a deeper sigh, I have to once again use the simple template.  That's all that I can manage now, since I'm still a dummy with CSS and not so much know how in HTML.  

Just so you don't be surprised if this blog is acting up like a chameleon.  The blogger just can't make up her mind and is still fidgety with the template.  Otherwise, I'm still sane. 


  1. I am like you whenever I decide to change my blog appearance, I canf finalize my design because I keep changing my mind:)

  2. Waaa.I tried using the dynamic views template sis but I noticed my ads disappeared,oh my! I guess I have to go back to the simple template again,hay!