Sep 6, 2012

Trying Out Blogger's Dynamic Views

01 (157) by Victor1558
01 (157), a photo by Victor1558 on Flickr.

You're seeing this blog currently in  blogger's magazine dynamic view template, although I'm not sure for how long it will stay in this current theme as I am quite fidgety with blog templates. I could feel twitches as I am not used to having a blog without a footer!  As to why I came to use this generic template is that I made a little blunder with the previous template of this blog.  It's one of those free customized blog template that I have no idea how to tweak, or at least I haven't got the time to discover how.  So with a deep sigh, I had to contend myself with the standard blogger template that is not as customizable as the older ones.  Or so I thought, but more of that later.
I chose the dynamic views because I'm already gagging over the older ones.  My other blog uses the Simple Template that I have taken great pains to customize and put a little distinction from probably thousands who also use the same template.  I thought I'd give the Dynamic Views Template a chance.  To be honest, it was okay, for a few moments hahaha!  I just can't take it that the header space is too small and you could almost miss the blog title because you can't make it any bigger.  Sigh......

So, as I said, I was getting fidgety and didn't want to leave things that way.  I did some customizations, as much as blogger would allow, inside its inherent or default program.  But all I could really do there was to change colors and some font styles.  Another deep sight there.  

I was already contemplating on looking for another more user-friendly free template outside blogger when by some stroke of good fortune, I chanced upon the Southern Speakers blog.  And what do they have there?  A good amount of tutorials for customizing dynamic views!  Now, I'm no good with CSS at all but this site makes it easy peasy even for a dummy like me.  So, in the last couple of hours, I was copying and pasting CSS codes.  I was able to put a more agreeable blogger title header that was my main issue just a few hours ago.  I was also able to justify the post summary so it's a neater now instead of the messy edges.  One last thing I did was to reposition the gadget dock because it's covering part of the scroll bar at the right side.  It's now conveniently positioned on the left side.  

Alright, I think I'll stay with this template for now.  Although, I still wish there's a way to put a footer.  I am twitching again...arrrrghhhh....


  1. Dynamic view pa ba ito? Magulo si dynamic view di ba? I like this layout. You mentioned CSS, all I can say is I'm done with working on those codes. I really had a hard time customizing my site. I'm going to take a break from that aspect of blogging. By the way, congrats on getting PR 1 for this new blog. Nakikita ko ngayon from my toolbar. Galing!!

    1. Hi sis! I gave up on the dynamic view because of that floating bar on the left side. It covers part of the post which I didn't like. CSS hahaha that's still beyond me as of now.

      Thanks for the heads up on the PR. woohoo! I just wish my other blog's PR would level up. It's stuck at PR 1 hehehe.

    2. Oo nga sis. Hirap yata magPR2. Let's keep trying. :-)