Dec 8, 2012

Do You Blab When You Write?

I was browsing some sites earlier and I came across this interestingly funny site called  It comes with a warning to writers, scientists and what-have-you's, cautioning them to be strong as this site shows no mercy.  So what does a stubborn blogger do?  Curiosity got the better of me.  First instinct was to throw all cautions to the wind and go for the test.  

I did random tests on some of my blog posts in iHeart Good Health.  Happy to say that my recent articles only got the highest score of 0.25, the best one only at 0.12.  My understanding is that the lower your score, the better it is, meaning, the less bullshit (BS) you write about.  At 0.25, it says that I do have some BS in my written articles but that it's of a tolerable level hahaha!.  I'm not blabbering BS and nonsense after all.  

Of course, this site is meant to be just for fun and it should not be taken too literally.  So why don't you head over to the site and find out how much BS you really write about.  You might glimpse an insight into your writing style.  For what it's worth, it would probably make you more conscious of the things you write, paying particular attention to making sense, getting the message across without having a lengthy short, less bullshit.  So, now I end this, to finish all the BS once and for all. 



  1. I thought I would rate high, cuz I know I blab a lot haha. got .06 to .16. if i try this on my brain thoughts and in real life (where I blab a lot),the meter will crash!

  2. Checked the site and had fun copying and pasting some of my posts! :-) Great share, indeed.