Aug 22, 2013

The Calm After the Storm

I happened to look out the window and for the first time in 4 days, I can finally see a faint ray of sunlight.  It finally broke through the thick gray clouds!  It's still very cloudy indicating more rains but at least it's not a continuous downpour as in the past 3 days.  The rain would still come in spurts so an umbrella or coat should never be out of reach when going outdoors.  You never really know when it's going to suddenly pour out from the warning drizzles.

We didn't get flooded in our area, considering we're surrounded by a river.  Other surrounding areas, however were not spared from the flood.  Kudos to our barangay chairwoman who has done a remarkable job a couple of months prior to the rainy season.  She had spearheaded the de-clogging of the drainage system and made sure river water won't seep into the streets, unless of course the river overflows.  Ever since Ondoy hit 4 years ago, I am always anxious when heavy rains fall.  And I was expecting flood since Sunday evening, but I am glad my expectations were not realized this time.  Still, I came to the office prepared.  I have brought change clothes and towel, just in case I can't go home.  

Right now, the weather seems to be friendlier.  Maybe by tomorrow, the sun would be shining bright already.  I just hope and pray that would also be the case with those whose areas have been severely flooded, that despite the property damage, they would feel a certain calm and relief that the storm is over and that they have survived it.  There were a few who were not so fortunate and who have lost their lives.

A lot could be learned from the storms.  I just hope that we all would learn from past mistakes and be better prepared, because like it or not, nature will always unleash her fury, as it has done ever since.  We need to pray, but we should also be able to see that some things, like floods are actually preventable, and can be minimized at the most.  There is a need to address the problems that contribute to severe flooding.  And I hope those who are in the higher positions would take cue from our chairwoman.  Sometimes, they do need to get out from behind their comfy office desks and take a look around.

So now, in the aftermath of the storm and monsoon, it's time to rebuild once more.


  1. Thanks to all our prayers, the sun has finally come out. I am glad that your place was not flooded. Honestly I am a bit afraid that this catastrophe is getting worst every year. Hopefully we get to learn our lessons and I agree that the government should wake up from their selfish motives and address the severe flooding that we experience every year.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Hi Sis! I'm glad to know that weather in the Philippines is getting better now. Just like you, I was equally worried as our place is located in a low lying area but just the same, my house never gets affected as it is elevated. Well, I purposely did that during the construction phase to prepare for this kind of situation. I'm glad that everything is back to normal now.

    Take care always.

  3. By the way Sis, who made your blog header? I love it! Really gorgeous!
    Did you make it yourself?

  4. I am relieved that the rain subsided. Our country need more persons like your chairwoman who is hands on in dealing with difficulties like this and it is very nice to hope that rain will no longer be a fear to our people because we are well equipped and prepared for such catastrophe. Someday..someday.

  5. @ Krizza - yes sis, I made the blog header. If you're interested, here's how I did it.

    How to Make a Header Title Image Using Cool Text

    Shape'd: Simple Cropping Tool