Aug 16, 2013

Who Do We Cling To?

I am saddened at seeing how a colleague is dealing with difficulties at this moment.  I've seen his devastation and how his troubles has even affected him physically. He'd lost weight, but I had thought that he was coping well and he seems to be the type of person who has a good head above his shoulders. Well, I was mistaken, and to see him treading a destructive path is disheartening.  

I realize, however, that I cannot judge him about his choices of coping with his problems.  As they always say, you have to walk in the person's shoes to understand him.  People react differently and cope in varied ways.

We all, at some point reach rock bottom, whether we have lived a life of righteousness or otherwise.  Sometimes, the problems we face are beyond our control and sometimes, we've brought it on ourselves because of wrong choices.  But whatever it is, there will always be that one or two instances when we feel so helpless and seemingly beyond hope of redemption, like an endless falling into a bottomless pit.  We've all been there, I'm sure, just as the sun rises and sets for both good and evil.  No one is exempted from trials.

Twice in my life, I have felt that I was beyond comfort.  I probably even surpassed the rock bottom level and those were my all time lowest points.  And yet, by God's grace, I was able to rise up, not instantly though, but I did eventually.  I was never really beyond His mercies and love.  No one is...if only we allow Him to heal us.  It was no easy ordeal for me as in both instances, it took me years to battle them out.  There were times that those things could drive me crazy if I continue to think about them.  And yes, there were lots of times that I have no shoulder to cry on.  I just huddle in my bed and cry my heart out, feeling sorry, sometimes angry at the situation or the person who hurt me.   

Looking back, I feel blessed that I have moved on and far away from those deep pits.  It wouldn't have been possible without the support of friends and family, but most importantly, in knowing Who to cling on.  Remember that it took me years to overcome those difficulties.  Friends and family, though supportive, could also tire out if they hear the same things over and over and over...for years...but not God.  I myself get tired of myself talking and whining and crying about my miseries...but not God.  

We live in a world that seems to have a magic pill for every pain.  We like to take shortcuts and miss the journey.  And sadly, when trials come, we look to the world for solutions.  We cling to things or people for comfort.  And then we realize, those that we cling on to are sometimes not that strong to hold us steady.

 So who do you cling to when troubles come?  I pray that before you look elsewhere, look to God first...for perspective, for guidance, for wisdom and understanding.  That route, I realize, saves us from further trouble, hurt, and more problems.  

He has never let us down and has always remained true to His promises.  I hope my colleague comes around and realize that.  And I pray that God will deal with him.

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