Aug 12, 2013

SOAP and a Cup of Coffee

To be honest, it's only a few days ago that I got acquainted with SOAP.  I may have been doing parts of that, but not as methodical as what SOAP does.  I realize, it is important to journal these things, in light of my searching for a deeper relationship with God.  As with regular journals, we get a better perspective by first writing down our thoughts and what our heart says.  Reading that makes us see things in a better light.  At least that's what I realize when I read old journals (or diaries).  Sometimes, it makes me smile to reminisce, and at other times, I simply feel foolish.  

But writing down thoughts as I meditate on His words, I doubt that I will ever feel foolish.  I know that I will feel blessed and constantly reminded of His goodness and presence in my life.  

And as I do the SOAP routine, I think I'll have my favorite morning brew.  It's like having a cup of coffee with God, right?

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