Oct 8, 2013

{Book Review}: Sleepyhead? NOT!

Sleepyhead? NOT!
You moms out there, are you looking for a new reading material for your little kids who are aged 5 and up? This book might interest you.

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend SittieCates (a.k.a Jacqueline Cates Flaviano) gave me a complimentary copy of her first published book, Sleepyhead? NOT!  It tells the story of a little girl named Mabel.  She's like any other kid who likes to play, but she particularly likes to play make-believe.  You could say that she has a very hyperactive and rich imagination.  In the day, she gets by playing and imagining, but at night time, she seems to have a slight problem.  Sleep won't come easy for little Mabel.  

Sleepyhead?Not! tells kids to celebrate their own uniqueness, that being different is not bad.  It simply means one is special, possessing traits that others don't have, and vice versa.  Being different is also not a problem, but a challenge to each one, to find what works for them.  Persistence is a key ingredient.  Sometimes, we just need to take a different route to achieve a common goal.  And sometimes, the answers already lie within each one of us, if we just look closely.

This illustrated book is a straightforward, easy read type that little kids will enjoy.  It's a good bedtime story you can read to the little ones who still don't know how to read, but old enough to understand simple stories.  Do grab a copy of this book from Flipreads to find out how Mabel solved her little problem. 

If you enjoyed her book, please take the time to visit The Musings of a Hopeful & Pecunious Wordsmith for new published materials from SittieCates, or to simply get to know more about her.

Happy reading!


  1. Mere words cannot simply express how thankful I am for this beautifully written book review, sis. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading my first eBook. Thank you so much! :-) Your lovely site is my first stop for my author blog visits. I enjoyed the visit a lot. Thank you, sis! 💖

  2. Even I would enjoy such type of plot, along with kids.I love kid stories so I will definitely love this one. A perfect book for bedtime reading with kids.

  3. Thanks for dropping by, sis! More ebooks from you to look forward to. :-)

  4. Sure thing, sis. Anytime. Thank you so much! My first novel would be out soon. You'll be one of the first few people to know about it. :-) I hope you and your readers would want to grab a copy when it comes out. Take care always.

    I would also like to extend my warmest greetings to your readers. More power to your site! Thank you, sis!