Nov 7, 2013

Now You See Me...

I've been tweaking the color theme of this blog.  As you probably can see, I've done away with the pink and I've turned it blue.  Blue is actually my color.  I guess I've just been adventurous with pink.  I can do that with a blog.  It's different with clothing though.  Pink is too girly for me and as you know from my other blog, I am on the athletic, sporty side (or what I would have myself believe).

This is my (not so) old blog header:

It's been there for less than a couple of weeks, I guess.  And as you can see, I've changed it to the new header above.  That cup of coffee used to be on my 3rd blog that I have now merged with this blog, at least as far as the header is concerned.  Like I said previously, I can't maintain 3 active blogs for now and I figured this has a better chance of being updated more regularly.  

The title is also a merger of the 2 blogs.  But the merging will have to stop there.  I have decided not to import the posts from the 3rd blog.  My future posts there will now be here.  Just making things simple and manageable for me.

How this blog will evolve, we'll just have to see.


  1. hi sis! love this blog layout =) are you interested in button exchange,ill grab your button and add it in my collections

  2. the button is working and looks good thanks

  3. Sure sis! Already grabbed your button...I resized it, but am not sure how it looks like. Can't view it right now because photobucket is blocked in our network.