Nov 6, 2013

Something's Brewing


I've been pondering about this for the last couple of weeks.  I probably didn't have much to do some months ago and I was caught up in the excitement of making a new blog that's why I thought I could handle three.  Economically speaking, it's probably not wise to pay for 3 domains when I can only manage to update one blog regularly and the other two occasionally.  

One blog is enough, two is probably stretching my limit already and having three is just too much!  So instead of spreading myself thinly, I guess it's time for a merger for this blog and the latest one that I started just last August.  

Expect some changes here in the coming days.  That's for anyone who's been here before, so you don't get surprised and think you landed in the wrong site.  

You'll probably be seeing a lot of that cup of coffee after I make the changes.  For now, it's back to the drawing board.  

See you around!


  1. Hmmmm... Ano kaya ito! :)

  2. Cup of coffee hehehe...want some? No radical changes really. But I guess the future writings and topics would take a few turns somewhere. Guess you could see that I've changed the theme from pink to blue...which is really my color.

  3. oh yes, I can see that! :) It looks so nice!!!

    Btw, I miss you Ate A! ♥

  4. Hey, you be safe prepared and alert for the coming storm, okay?