Apr 25, 2014

Just a little advisory

To anyone who's been reading this blog for a while, I will be reverting to my old blogspot domain.  I'm not tech savvy after all hahaha and I can't figure out how to renew my domain registration because I can't get to the admin panel.  I must have done a huge mistake during the domain registration and now, just to keep the blog, I'm choosing the easiest way out and going back to the old domain from blogspot.  I'll be doing that as soon as possible.

In case I lose the comments in the process as I am using a third party commenting system (Disqus), sorry for that.  But I will do my best not to lose your comments...they are precious to me (except for the spammers hehehe).  

Well that's just an update.  But I hope there will be no glitches and you'll hardly feel a thing (while I am having a headache already trying to work things out hahaha!)  

Bless you all!

I'm back @  http://miss-aileen-a.blogspot.com/  

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