Apr 5, 2014

Worship Changes the Heart

I'm sure that there were times when you've felt so down, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.  And there were times that you feel that weight crushing you.  Or there could be times that you are so upset maybe with people or at circumstances.  Sometimes, we cry, sometimes we respond with anger or self pity or we succumb to depression.

And during those times, I am most sure we could use a good shoulder to cry on, ears to listen to our rants, a wise counsel from someone we look up to, or simply someone to hold your hand.  But what if you find yourself alone?  And you find that whatever you're going through is just too much.  What do you do?

Sometimes, it helps to take yourself out of the situation...to zoom out for a while.  A change in perspective helps.  It's not easy but for me, I find that music helps to "take me out" of the situation for a while...worship music in particular.  And don't they say that you have to learn to praise Him at all times?  

I would admit that listening to music would have been the last thing on my mind when I am upset or angry.  Still, one time, I tried it and worshiping and praising Him did change how I saw things.  It cleared my fogged mind and eased my troubled heart.  It gave me a reason to be thankful for....grateful for His goodness.  True worship does that...and it reminds us that we have a God who is indeed bigger than all of the world's problems...and He loves us.

Worship changes the heart in so many ways.  It takes away our focus from our pains and shifts it to Him.  When we are focused on Him, there will always be that assurance and strength to face whatever life throws at us.  

This is a nice song that I'd like to share with you. His love is really amazing.  Have a blessed weekend!


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