Jan 8, 2015

I Won a Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner!

I'm back!

I was in the province for almost three weeks for the Christmas break.  I was practically unplugged (most times) from work and the internet. Browsing through the phone is kind of sluggish, owing to the poor internet connection. I couldn't even open my emails, let alone send emails but surprisingly, accessing Facebook was a breeze.  Thank God for that last one because it was my only means to contact Mommy Sally of  The Binondo Mommy.  I can't believe my eyes when I saw that I won her giveaway last December 25.  I got to know about it a day after, I think. I still wasn't sure because my eyes or probably the internet may be playing tricks on me. Anyway, I risked being embarrassed and sent her a message on FB.  When she answered, it was the confirmation I was hoping for.  And here is my Christmas gift from Mommy Sally with her own personal message.


I joined two giveaways for this planner, one where the names were drawn out and the other, based on the best answer.  Knowing me, I never win in any game of chances.  I'm never lucky, that is if I believe in luck at all.  What I do know is that I am truly blessed, and the Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner is one of those blessings and a great companion all year, and even beyond,  as I walk my journey of faith.

Mommy Sally took great photos of what's inside the planner.  You can check it out HERE.

What I personally love about this planner is it keeps you rooted on God's word on a daily basis. The inspiring quotes not only inspires but makes you reflect on the wisdom of people who walk in faith.

Daily Readings

Daily Verse Tracker

I have also been using YouVersion and the S.O.A.P. Bible study method (as seen above) so this is like treading on familiar grounds.  To be honest, I have not read through the entire Bible yet so this is a very helpful tool to get me going.  Crossing out the chapters in each book is like an achievement in itself and one of my goals this year is to commit to that.  

The Certified Positive Planner is not just your ordinary planner where you just write schedules and things to do but it sets the mood for reflection and goal setting. It even suggests ministries and some advocacy that one could support or be involved with.

Reflections at the end of each month

Started filling up the January goals. There's still lots of space for more

The planners I used in the past were not fully utilized, meaning after the first three months, I forget writing on them and then a few months later, I resume writing on them just so I don't totally waste them.  It was the reason I shifted to digital planners the last couple of years. But when I saw this, I feel that things are going to change with this one.  I am certainly positive about it.  

Oh and before I end this short post, I'd like to share my answer to Mommy Sally's question:

"What do you like about this Certified Positive 2015 planner and why?"

I was ecstatic when I first came to know about this planner from bloggers who posted about it. It has everything I needed in a planner and more. Those freebies and testimonials all serve to inspire positivity. I love the Bible reading plan the best. Because I believe that being rooted in God's Word is the best way to start a life journey of positivity. Indeed, it is a life changing planner not only from cover to cover because whatever insights we glean from our daily reflections on the verses, there will be a ripple effect, and the positive attitude will spill over to everyone we encounter.

I'm thinking, maybe by end of this year, I just might host my first blog giveaway by giving away at least one free planner...you know, like paying it forward, because something as good as this needs to be shared to many people.  Mommy Sally and other bloggers who participated in giving away planners inspired me to do the same.

To Certified Positive, keep it up!  And may God bless you more on this endeavor.


  1. Hi Aileen! That is a pretty , functional, and inspiring planner! LuckY you! I have never ever won a giveaway in the blogosphere. Sana this year manalo ko kahit once lang. By the way, I have missed you! I have been so busy and lots of things came along kaya I have missed my regular blog hopping.

  2. It is very functional. Still raving over it, Sanna. I have not been joining blog hops also, may a year now. I wasn't writing much during that time, so instead of boring the other bloggers with old posts, I opted not to join for the meantime. Kaso long hiatus na hehehehe. Missed you too kaya I started visiting some blogs I used to read and thought I'd stop by yours. You're going to be okay. :-)

  3. Congratulations A! Your answer was very straight forward and perhaps that was the reason why you won. Saw your pictures at the Condura Run and hope you could share your story on your fitness blog.

  4. Hello Ms. Sarah! Thank you. Yes I am planning to write about that. I just couldn't find time the past days. I didn't have good pictures while running on the Skyway though. Sad... I rarely take photos while on the run, that's why. The photos you saw were after the run and I was sprawled on the grass hehehe