Jan 14, 2015

Blessings by Laura Story

First time I heard this song, I fell in love with it.  Maybe because it's a song of comfort.  And in this world, who doesn't need to be comforted when you're going through something difficult, right?  I'm a person who doesn't easily open up to people about my troubles.  I'm more of an introvert.  I usually would try to sort things out by myself, particularly in those confusing times.  And yes, prayer helps a lot.  When you bring it up to God, somehow the load doesn't seem to press heavily on you anymore.  When you pray, it changes your perspective.  That's why they say prayer is not really for God, because He has everything already.  We pray because it is one of our soul's greatest needs...to connect to Him. Prayer does not change God, but it changes us in the process.

The reason I love this song, aside from the nice melody is the message itself.  It's a way of seeing trials in another perspective, and that blessings don't necessarily come in the nice packages we expect.  This song has a very inspiring story behind it.  I encourage you to read it HERE.  The song was born out of heartbreaking pain amidst fears and uncertainties.  But for something as beautiful as this song to come out of a terrible pain, I call that faith.  And this is the message of the song as well.  To see things in God's perspective and to put our trust in Him, no matter what, to see the blessings behind everything.

Enjoy listening to Laura Story's "Blessings."  It's not the original but it's the best version I heard in Soundcloud.  If you could get a copy of the original, you'll love it.  Or you could try Spotify.  There's one there by Laura Story herself.

I hope this inspires and strengthens you.

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