Jul 2, 2015

Is It Alright to Attend Multiple Churches?

I've been attending the same church for the past 15 years.  I've already considered it my second home.  I have been blessed with the sermons and some friends I have there.  My life and perspective have changed in ways that could not have been possible if I stuck with the religion I grew up with.  That's another story though.  

What I do want to tell here is that since Resurrection Sunday (April), I have been attending two different churches.  What prompted me to find a second church is for two main reasons: 
  • I'd really want to be able to go to Sunday worship service, every Sunday and not just every other Sunday.  You see, on alternate weeks, I go home to the province.  And when I am in the province, I don't get to go to a Christian church.  As to why I let that drag on is beyond me. Rectified the situation now. 
  • I had this sudden urge to bring along my nephews and whoever in my family would come.
And so, with those in mind, God led me to this second church in the province.  Since then, I've been attending alternate Sundays with Church A and Church B.  That's not bad, isn't it?  I get to hear God's message more often and I'm being used to plant seeds in the life of my young nephews. I'm okay, and more than happy and blessed with that. Tithing is not even an issue...I simply split it into two.  Easy peasy hehe. I figured that's the right way to do things, to support both churches.

Two days ago, I got invited to this Church C that is actually affiliated with Church B, both part of the same mega church but of different localities.  Church B and C are both consistent with the theme, activities, and most programs.  Church A of course tackles things differently.  With regards to faith and beliefs, they are all essentially the same.  

So why am I even talking about this?  What is the issue?  I don't know if there should be any issue at all, but having done some googling, I think I am not the only person with the same situation.  In fact, there's a whole lot of opinions pertaining to this matter of attending multiple churches.  I'd just like to say, I'm not church hopping.  Neither was I looking for something to fit or cater to my preferences.  I've covered that with the two reasons I stated above.

All I know is, I don't get confused attending different churches.  I even see that as an advantage.  I get more perspective, more views...it's like being blessed threefold hearing God's messages from different pastors. It's the same faith, so no conflicts there. I never even considered the venues, the proximity, the church people, even the pastors or the worship team and the type of music they sing.  I am simply focused on hearing more of God. 

The question now would be, the kind of involvement I will have with the different communities of believers later on.  Right now, I'm still okay with the set-up because I am still not actively involved in groups and ministries.  But if the time comes, then that's when I have to make a choice...probably a difficult and crucial one for me.

Still, I leave that to God.  I will just follow wherever He leads me.  After all, this whole thing happened all in pursuit of Him.  I believe He will put me where I can be of greater use...for His honor and glory...always. 

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