Jul 2, 2015

What I Learned From Fasting

I participated in the three-day fasting of one of the churches I'm attending to.  It's probably a spur of the moment decision, with no clear cut reason or guideline why I'm doing it, except that I know now it is not an option, but rather one of the disciplines of a good Christian.  So I went with it, with not even any particular thing in mind for personal breakthroughs and with no preparations whatsoever.  I just wanted to experience being with God.  And I just made do with what I can manage, with a little discomfort.

I skipped afternoon snack and dinner, and my favorite morning brew.  I'm just new to this so I haven't gone to full fasting yet.  It's kind of hard to do that also when you're working in the office.  But anyway, what's important is I realize I am doing this not as a form of sacrifice, but as an act of obedience.  That has made all the difference.  

What have I gleaned so far as I go on my last day of fasting?  I have learned:
  • that sometimes, I have to empty myself of me (by denying myself of one of my basic needs) and instead be filled with God.  My stomach wasn't grumbling much as we do praise and worship, as we listen to sermons, as we pray together.  
  • that to really love God, to have a really personal relationship with Him, it has to cost me something.  It doesn't have to always be through fasting but that to be closer to Him, I must make effort and be really intentional.  Just like I am focusing on not eating during those meals simply because I have committed to it, the same goes with having a deeper relationship with God.  I have to commit to it.
  • that loving God is no sacrifice at all.  It's easy to love God if we only get to know Him better.
  • that's it's actually easy to give up something that satisfies you for Someone who can fully satisfy you. And just as we need food for the body, we also need food for the soul and we nourish our soul by spending time with God. 
  • that fasting has made me focus more on spiritual things, rather than my stomach.  Instead of feeling deprived, I felt fullness in the spirit.
  • that I can actually do away with things I'm used to, like my favorite morning brew.  I know that's shallow, but if you've got something in your system for too long, it's kind of hard to suddenly skip that.  The body craves for it.  I get headaches actually, without coffee.  But so far, no headaches yet.  I simply trusted that God would sustain me...and He did.
Fasting somehow weakens the body.  But you know what?  My soul is exhilarated.  There's that feel good thing inside, just because I have spent time with God. 


  1. Hello Aileen! It is inspiring to know about your realizations during fasting. I love what you said about emptying oneself and allowing ourselves to be filled with God. I have to keep that in mind, especially in this age, where it is easy to get caught in giving in to every needs and wants of our body. This post is really inspiring!

  2. Hello Sanna! Thank you. I couldn't begin to describe what I have experienced. It is not euphoric but there is a stirring in my spirit. :-)

  3. Hi sis! Although discipline and the presence of community support may have a role in this, I have learned that it's not sacrifice or favorable answers to prayers that we seek while fasting. It is the desire to seek God's will and spend time with Him that should be the primary reasons. In fact, I have no particular prayer for myself that time. Like prayer, and reading the Word, and giving to church, fasting is one of the spiritual disciplines that need to be flexed so we would grow spiritually.