Oct 10, 2015

{Day 10}: Will I Really Be Ready?

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Today's word prompt: READY


Life is so full of surprises.  It reminds me of what Forrest Gump's momma said: "Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're gonna got."  

We all love surprises don't we?  But only the good and pleasant ones.  Surprises that leaves us stunned and paralyzed, we wish sometimes they never happened or it's just a dream and we'll wake up any moment.  There were a lot of those moments that I wished were just bad dreams....

Was I ready when my father died of a sudden heart attack?

Was I ready when a good friend betrayed my trust?

Was I ready to be stabbed in the back by envious colleagues?

Was I ready for my heart to be broken so many times?  

Was I ready to give up my dreams because now they don't seem a part of my calling?

My answer to all that is just a big NO.  But life is like that.  Ready or not, it comes.  Things happen.  It's what we do after that really matters.  And our response would greatly determine if we make it in life or we just fall into a heap and wither away.

Oh there were so many times that overwhelming sadness would consume me.  At other times it would be grief, anger, extreme pain, sleepless nights, bitter tears, swollen eyes (yep my eyes would swell so much it's hard to deny I've been crying)...

Yet, through it all, there is Someone who has held me so close in His arms and never let me go.  

And so I ask myself: Will I really be ready for what is yet to come?  

My answer is still NO...but I know I can always trust in the One who has always been faithful to me during the hard and difficult times.  


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