Oct 20, 2015

{Day 20}: Temporary Life

Today's word prompt: TEMPORARY

Everything in life is temporary. People, things, moments pass by and then they're gone.  In fact the only thing that's constant in this life that we know of is change. Everything changes.  All else is just a fleeting moment, a passing thought, just a blink of an eye, the changing of the season, like the petals of a flower that fall piece by piece until nothing's left.

But we take heart in the temporary when we go through difficult times.  For we know that they will pass.  The pain would numb out eventually.  The sufferings would cease.  The problems would be solved.  The difficulties would be overcome.  Comfort comes after grief.  Wounds heal....

The good things in life, we wish we could forever preserve.  So we hang on to them as much as we can.  We commit them to memory in the attempt to not lose them, to immortalize them.  But everything comes to an end. And we cherish those because we know they wouldn't really last long.

Temporary.  This life that we know.  Because this is just a momentary place...a preparation to the eternal.  

God created a longing in our hearts for eternity.  We are not of this world.  We are not meant to be satisfied with the temporary things.

So we make most of the temporary until He calls us to eternity with Him where we experience the fullness of His glory and love, and those that are made to last forever.

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