Oct 19, 2015

{Day 19}: Honor God

Today's word prompt: HONOR

I have been postponing this moment for so long.  I've had a lot of excuses in the past few years.  Last year, I almost went through it but somehow, something happened and maybe it wasn't my time yet.  This year, finally, I have honored God with this simple act of obedience.  

Laying hands and praying for me

Ready to be dunked...errr baptized
With my breath held, eyes closed, all I could feel is the water closing in on me.  It was like dying, even for just a few seconds.  

There you go

A simple ceremony, and there were so many of us, all having a new birthday on the same day.  How great is that?  As we offer and surrender our lives to God, we honor Him...and we honor Him with living sacrifices.

Isn't it just wonderful to come out of the water and be a new person?  And each one of us is a new person in Christ Jesus...dead to sin and alive in Him!

I may look the same outside but inside, I am forever changed.  And I pray that others will see that change in my life....a new me...a better person....one who honors God in her life.  

To God be all the glory!

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