Oct 22, 2015

{Day 22}: Our Absolute Value

Today's word prompt: VALUE

There's this line I read from one of the posts in Facebook.  Sorry that I cannot acknowledge the source and if it happens to be you reading this, please say so.  This may not be the exact wordings but it goes something like this:

"When you are full of negativity, remember your absolute value."

It's meant as a mathematical joke, you know, the positive and negative numbers.  You take away the positive or negative sign and you have the absolute numerical value.  Okay so I'm not going to bore you with math and that's not the topic of this series.  

The reason why I quoted that here is that it made me think about those last two words: 


You see, in this life, people would tell you so many negative things about yourself.  And sometimes it's us who tell ourselves those negative things.

I'm not good enough.

I'm a failure in everything I do.  I can't get anything right.

She's beautiful, and smart, and sexy and I am just plain.

She's talented and I have nothing of interest to show others.

I'm worthless.

I don't belong.

No one could ever love me.

So many lies we tell ourselves that undermine our value.  But if we just take the time to see things in a different perspective, maybe then, we'll see a better picture of ourselves.  Try looking through God's eyes and you'll see someone a whole lot different.  

I know what my absolute value is:  I am a child of God.

He's a King, you know...so that kind of makes me an important person.

And so are you!  You and I are precious in His sight.  And He loves us!

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