Oct 4, 2015

{Day 4}: My Soul Will Rest In Your Embrace

Today's word prompt:  Embrace


I'm not used to being embraced when I was a kid.  I grew up with loving parents but they're both not very demonstrative about showing love and affection.  Maybe a little peck on the cheek once in a while, or a tap on the shoulder.  We're like that but it doesn't mean we lack affection.  We just show it differently, like lending a hand or doing chores even when not asked to.  So if you're familiar with the five love languages, well touch is not the love language I grew up with.  And for a time, when other people, like friends would hug me, I'd feel uneasy.  I don't shove them hahaha but you know that weird feeling when people do to you what you're not used to.  And it doesn't help my case that I was also an introvert. 

But as I mature, and somehow have gotten used to being surrounded by people who are generous with hugs, I got used to it.  In fact, I realized, I love being embraced! I never thought I was the hugging type.  Oh and what a joy when my 6-year old nephew would come to me and say he's got something to tell me.  Then he would whisper "I love you."  How can your heart not melt and so I give him a great big hug.  And I look forward to plenty of those moments.

I'm really loving this song sang by Taya Smith of Hillsong. It's been playing on my mind these past few days so when I read the word prompt, I found myself singing this part of the song. 

So I will call upon Your name 
And keep my eyes above the waves 
When oceans rise 
My soul will rest in Your embrace 
For I am Yours and You are mine 

Don't we all just want to experience that kind of embrace? And indeed, the soul will find that rest in God's loving embrace.  I was also reminded of that time not so long ago when my heart was so broken.  It's gotten so difficult for me to hold myself together.  One particular night when I couldn't hold the pain and hurt any longer, I let down my guard and I just gave in and cried...and cried...as I couldn't find the words anymore to express my grief.  I just cried out to God, just calling His name, not saying anything else.

As I was sobbing, I embraced myself, probably trying to hold on to my sanity as I felt myself falling apart.  That went on for a while, until I felt the burden lift....my sorrows just washed away with the tears, the suffocating feeling gone and I can breathe again.  As I felt that peace wash over me, I fell asleep...in His embrace.  

In that moment when I had nobody to comfort me, He held me and never let go.  

When oceans rise 
My soul will rest in Your embrace 
For I am Yours and You are mine


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