Oct 3, 2015

{Day 3}: Capture a Fleeting Moment

Nature of Silhouette on Freedigitalphotos.net

Word prompt: CAPTURE

I sat there on the ledge, my feet dangling idly.  It was still late in the afternoon, too early for what I came to see. As I waited, I just let my mind wander, pondering on things but mostly just loving the solitude and the gentle sound of the waves crashing against the seawall.  The breeze would blow once in a while and would tousle my hair or beat gently on my face.  

And then it was time.  The sun slowly descended over the horizon. The bright light gradually changed hues and painted the sky with a mixture of bright orange and red.  I was just so enthralled, not daring to blink so much that my eyes watered, afraid to miss even just a split second.  The sun's round silhouette continued to descend, inch by inch, until finally, the waters seemed to swallow it up.  I held on to the image until the last rays of light were gone... And then there was momentary darkness.  I blinked again and the moon was visible above the night sky.  

I remember thinking how something so beautiful be so quickly gone in a few minutes.  And why was it that the sun was there all day long, but it was only when it was nearly gone that I tried to hold on to its dimming light?  Cherished moments are like that. Life as we know it is like that.  We try to hold on, knowing that it will be gone soon.

Moments are fleeting.  Sometimes, moments are just a few breaths.  Sometimes it just takes a few blinks and then the moment's gone, like the last rays of light as the sun disappears over the horizon.  

I wish I had camera to capture that moment.  But even if I did, it would have only captured the beautiful image before me, but it could never have captured what was going on inside me, the many tangles of thoughts and emotions intertwined in that very moment.  I was going through a lot that time.  But in that moment of solitude, I sought God, not for answers, but only to spend time in His presence, to rest in Him.

I was in awe. I was captivated.  I was comforted. I was at peace.  

In that moment, with no words spoken, God simply captured my heart.

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