Aug 22, 2012

Office Woes: I'm Not the Villain

Julia by martinak15

Julia, a photo by martinak15 on Flickr.

I've been brooding about this since last week but I momentarily forgot about it during the long weekend.  But now that I am back at work, I am once again reminded of this unfortunate event at work.  I can't really go into so much details.  Overview of the matter is that I gave instructions to junior supervisors on both work shifts and I expected that since they are supervisors, they could already understand the logic of things and I do not have to repeat myself.  Add to that is they agreed to cascade the information to the people reporting under them. I ended up repeating the same instruction a third time because apparently, one group complied and the other didn't, which gave rise to some people saying that I am biased.  

Normally, I would have just shrugged off that accusation because I know in my heart that what they accuse me of isn't true.  What really pissed me off is that I believed all the supervisors said yes...not one ever said there are some issues, at least not until I talked to them the third time and not too happily that time.  I really felt bad that I was put in a very bad light because some people choose to do their own thing without even thinking of the effect to the whole group.  And up to this moment, I receive no apologies whatsoever for being the official villain in this brouhaha.  

If they were directly reporting to me, I would have already called a group meeting.  Unfortunately, they are not directly under me.  But I was thinking that since I used to be their direct superior, and being a senior supervisor, I would expect some sort of respect at least seniority-wise. 

I am debating whether to point these thing out with them or just let it go...leave it to the offending party to clear my name as I don't actually have anything to explain on my side because I have acted fairly and in good faith.  What's bad about this is that the rank and file people don't see the consistency among our ranks and I think that's where a system could sometimes fail.

Right now, I am not too compelled to act or say anything.  I'm waiting it out..and just venting by writing about it.  But if I hear that the issue hasn't quite died the natural death, then I'll be forced to take more aggressive measures.

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