Oct 24, 2015

{Day 24}: In The Silence

Today's word prompt: SILENCE


I'm used to it by now.  I love my solitude... those quiet moments when I could just enjoy my time alone.  When you're living alone, you got to learn to love being with yourself, right?  But I'm not a loner and I don't shut myself out from the rest of the world.  It's just that I've grown comfortable being on my own.

I remember a few days ago when there was a raging storm.  I woke up in the middle of the night and everything was still. There was no sound whatsoever. Just eerie silence.  As some would say, the silence was deafening.  But that was a welcome change from hearing the howling wind and spattering rain pounding on the roof.  I paused for a while, thanked God for the silent interlude before I went back to sleep.  Yes, I am able to sleep even when the weather gets all crazy.

Some people fear being alone.  Some people need to have constant companion, someone to always talk with.  Some people need the presence of another human being to thrive. Some people cannot bear the silence.  Because, I guess, we are social beings.  We need a community.  But sometimes, even the best of friends cannot be there with us all the time.

When I was just beginning to live on my own, I was not sure if I could handle it.  I was alone and lonely, and somewhat afraid  I would feel  the pangs of loneliness just thinking about my family.  The hardest was when I get sick and there's no one to take care of myself but me.  But in the passing of time, I learned to survive on my own.  And in those times, in the silence, those moments I can't even call on friends, I learned to talk more with God and to depend more on Him.  

In the silence, I learned that I can be strong and capable, knowing that I have a God who takes care of me, always there beside me.  In the silence, I learned to trust more in God.

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