Oct 25, 2015

{Day 25}: When Life's Trials Crashes On You

Today's word prompt: CRASH

I remember back in my college days, as part of the choir's activity during Christmas season, we would go house to house and sing songs.  On the way home, at the intersection, our chattering drew to a halt as a speeding car crashed onto our van. It was the first time I got into a vehicular accident.  Thankfully, there were no serious injuries.  Some of us just got a few bumps and bruises.  But it was a scary few moments as our vehicle skidded for a few seconds.  

Life's problems and trials are like that speeding car that hits us out of nowhere.  And when that happens, life stops for a while as we get our bearings.  Sometimes, we emerge unscathed.  But other times, we sustain injuries that take time to heal.  And sometimes, we are never the same after those trials.  

A few years after that incident, I lost my father to heart attack.  That was a lot worse than the accident I got into.  It was all so sudden, so unexpected that when I got the news, everything just came crashing down.  For a time, I was just in a state of stupor and numbness, waiting for that time that I'll wake up from the nightmare.  

I wasn't much of a Christian yet that time.  And for years, I struggled from that state of disbelief, anger, and all sorts of emotions.  It's like I crashed and never got up.  But that moment was also the turning point for me in my faith.  In my pain, I sought God.  But it was a very long journey of searching, of trying to understand.  

I never did understand why my father would be taken away from us at a time when I can't still stand on my own.  I kept asking the why questions back then, but I never got answers. But by God's grace, it was also one of those life moments that brought me closer to God. I lost the sense of security that I had, having an earthly father.  I learned to turn to the Father who gives the kind of security no one could ever give. 

I don't ask the why questions anymore.  It was a long journey of acceptance and putting my faith in Him. I thank God for His grace and mercy.

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