Oct 26, 2015

{Day 26}: Gentle Whispers

Today's word prompt: WHISPER

God has many ways of displaying His splendor and power.  We see and feel that in so many ways, in certain ways that never fail to get our attention. 

...the cracking of thunder

...the strong gusts of wind

...big giant waves 

...lightning slashing through the sky


In all of these, we realize how small we are and how great is our God.  It kind of puts things in perspective.  But God is more than just displaying His power and might.  For He is also a gentle, loving Father who lavishes us with so many blessings that we take for granted so many times.  

In His great power, God also knows the gentle ways of making His presence felt

...in the gentle breeze that plays with my hair

...the warm sunshine beaming through the leaves of trees

...the soft blossoming of a flower

...dewdrops on leaves

...clouds drifting by lazily on a blue sky

...soft pitter patter of rain

...a rainbow breaking out on the sky

These are just some of the many wonderful ways God makes Him presence felt.  They're like gentle whispers saying:  "I am here...I am with you, always."  And you know what? It all makes me feel so much loved and cared for by our loving Father.  

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