Oct 16, 2015

{Day 16}: Soul ReTREAT

Hi everyone!  No word prompt for me today.  I'm taking a break from work and usual stuff to have a two-day retreat, so I won't be able to check the day's word prompt.  It's a two-day treat for the soul and spirit as I take my journey of faith to a higher level.  At my age, this is long overdue but well, better late than never.

I'm finally going to be baptized!  

I'm excited and at the same time, a little bit nervous.  I somehow know what's going to happen, generally.  But being there for real is something different.  Oh I always get nervous with the unexpected.  You know, the usual jitters.  But I am entrusting this to God.  He led me to this and I know He will make good use of this experience for me to grow more in faith.

As I walk in obedience, I feel excited for what's to come.  I know doors of opportunity to serve will open. Just the privilege of being used by God for His purposes makes my heart and my spirit sing for joy. 

So, I won't make this long.  Just to say, please pray for me as I go through this momentous event.  

God bless you!

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