Oct 17, 2015

{Day 17}: Offering a Living Sacrifice

Word prompt: OFFER

Today is the second day of my two-day retreat. 

Today, I am making a public declaration of my faith in front of fellow believers, brothers and sisters in Christ.

Take my life a living sacrifice
Knowing it's the least that I can do

Make my life a living sacrifice
Holy and acceptable to You

Maybe at exactly this time (as I'm writing this in advance), I and other participants would be undergoing the water baptism.  I know the routine from what people have been telling me, and even from pictures I have seen, but knowing is different from actually experiencing it.  

I'd be standing in the pool, in front of the pastor and my group leader. They would be praying for me, and afterwards, they will have me immersed in water. When I rise up from the waters, it would be a new me.  It's a simple act, but my journey to this day has been a very long one.  

I look upon my life and realize at last
Within myself there's nothing I can do

And yet here I stand to offer all I am
And give myself completely Lord to You

Every tear, every pain, every hurt, every act of disobedience...I lay them down again at His feet.  

Today, I am sealing my decision to surrender my life to Jesus Christ, to offer my life as a living sacrifice.  I cannot tell you how very significant this day is to me.  At 41, this may have come a bit late in life.  But I always believe in God's perfect timing.  And this day is my time to publicly commit myself to Him.

It's a rather long story that led up to this day...maybe someday, I'd get to tell that story.  But for now, I am letting God write the rest of the story of my life.  

cannot be content until I reach that plane
How little I have given up to You

Lord break down my will
Make my desires Your own
I long to give my ev'rything to You

I'd be leaving you with this song.  I hope it inspires you.  Blessings to you all!

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