Jul 25, 2013

Silence Is Golden But Duct Tape Is Silver

I find this funny, but it rings truth in it. There is always a time for everything. Sometimes, we need to talk, and sometimes we need to hold that tongue...or someone else will have to do that. In this noisy world already full of distractions, silence is a precious commodity.  There is a good reason why we have two ears and just one mouth.  We are meant to listen more than wagging those tongues.  

Just a reminder, and something to ponder on, next time we are tempted to nag and lash out at somebody.  That person may have a stock of handy duct tape rolls to put in use.  Lol!



  1. Luv that! This is the reason why I would want to work at home na...

  2. Aileen! You are a dot com na haha! Since when did you get your custom domain? I would like to get a third one din sana for my other blog kaya lang good luck if ma-maintain ko haha

  3. The quote is so cute.If we could really put duct tape on some people's mouth then I will build stocks of it in my drawer:)

  4. Hahahaha, this is truly hilarious! But in the real world, it takes a huge amount of discipline to keep mum, right?

  5. @Marie - am not sure, maybe sometime April this year? I forgot na lol! But I was disappointed that the free email feature is not fee anymore with the domain registration. You have to pay for that na...hayy

    @Sanna & Farida - sometimes, I need to put duct tape on my own mouth lol!

    1. Ganun? Kaya pala Farida was asking me how I got the email with my domain name. Siguro when she got hers, hindi na free.