Aug 24, 2013

{The Balance}: Body, Mind and Soul

I've been away from my two current blogs, but for a good reason.  I've been busying myself with a 3rd one.  I can't even manage to update the other two blogs on a daily basis and here I am with another one.  I know!  I must be turning into a blogging fiend lol!  But I feel there is a need to have a separate blog just for this.  I didn't want to mix it up with this blog (and I'm still making up my mind on what direction this blog should take).  But as with my health blog, I know that I'll only be talking about health and fitness there.  In the new blog, it will all be about my faith journeys and reflections into the Word.  So yeah, pretty serious stuff there most times.  

I just can't help but smile at what I have done.  Is this some kind of obsession about trilogies (LOTR, Hunger Games, The Host, Twilight, etc.)?  I guess I had too much of that and now I have taken it to blogging hahaha!  But seriously, I think that now, I have achieved a good balance, covering most aspects of my life, don't you think?

Not convinced?  Take a look...

for the BODY

for the MIND (and the things close to HEART)

for the SOUL


  1. Wow, a well rounded blogger you are! I like that. I want to have another blog too but I have not got around to planning that yet. And LOTR trilogy, ahh best ever!

  2. Hi Sanna! Looking forward to your future blog. Am sure it will be as interesting as Woman Scribbles :-)

  3. Congratulations A! I know it takes a lot of hard work and focus but I believe you can achieve that balance as long as you believe in it. Looking forward to read your future posts.